Managing Director’s Message


World Investment PSC has proven itself to be a dynamic and progressive enterprise, positioning itself as one of the leading privately-owned investment companies in the GCC. As a result of our prudent approach, we have grown steadily and remained resilient despite unpredictable market conditions.

We are a multi-faceted investment and company, that is well recognized today as a trailblazing enterprise. To help our clients achieve their investment goals, we offer integrated wealth management advisory services, sophisticated trading solutions, and a wide range of asset management products.

The personnel at World Investments have always approached investment seeking opportunities with a pragmatic approach – by identifying various solutions to maximize returns and ensure sustainable progress. We have an exceptionally talented pool of people in our organization, and we look forward to bringing them together around your investment needs.

On the foundation of this success, we are confident of rising to even greater heights and ensure maximum value added for all our partners, investors, and clients, no matter how difficult the economic environment may remain.

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