Chairman’s Message

Established in 2006, World Investments has constantly endeavored towards positively contributing to the development of high-quality financial services and investment opportunities within the UAE.

At World Investments, we firmly believe that investment wisdom, local and international experience, pro-active research on latest market trends and customer needs, personalized customer service, as well as cutting-edge technology hold the key towards providing market-relevant products and services that ensure in delivering successful investment solutions, thereby resulting in delivering superior value and benefits to our clients.

Within a very short span of time, our successful track record and expertise have led to an exponential growth in our list of prestigious clientele who have all benefited from our prudent investments in diversified sectors, and markets across the region.

We take great pride in what we have accomplished so far. However, this is just the beginning. With an eye always on the future, we will continue to build on the pillars that have helped us in our achievements; including all the people within our organisation, who always remain our most valuable asset, as we strongly believe that they determine our organisational success and growth.

In conclusion, I’d like to add that, in spite of any global crisis prevalent across the world at any given moment of time, the UAE will always continue on its path towards becoming one of the key global financial hubs. Its entire business ecosystem will continue to strive towards enhancing itself in terms of superior quality and development and all the while we, at World Investments P.S.C. will always remain in a successful position to exploit these changes to positively benefit our clients, partners, shareholders and the community as a whole.

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