World Investments Company (Private Shareholding) was established in 2005, and is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates in the Emirate of Dubai, and it has a great legacy in its field that extends for decades.

Our company’s business extends to all sectors in the United Arab Emirates, and through our successful record and long experience in the field, our team has been able to achieve tremendous growth in the list of our prestigious clients within very few decades. Today, the company is considered a leader in the fields of financial intermediation, investment, establishment and management of funds in United Arab Emirates since its inception.

We at World Investments are a member of the Dubai and Abu Dhabi Stock Exchanges, and a licensed company subject to regulation, supervision and control of the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority under No. (604092) and also licensed by the UAE Ministry of Economy and the Department of Economic Development under No. (342).

The license includes two categories:
First category: the activity of dealing in securities
1) trading and clearing broker.
The second category is (dealing in investment),
2) Investment fund management, and securities portfolio management.

  • World Investments P.S.C provides an integrated platform for investors to implement strategies that suit their investment and financial requirements as well as diversifying their portfolio on the long and short term.
  • We facilitate investors worldwide who trade in stock – whether new or seasoned individuals.
  • Consequently, any investors looking to build modern, diversified – long or short-term financial transactions, we offer a comprehensive wealth management advisory service, a sophisticated trading capability, and a wide range of asset management products.
  • What really sets us apart is our drive to serve a diverse customer base. To that end, our team members are fluent in many languages; such as English, Arabic, French, German, Hindi etc.
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