World Investments P.S.C, established in the United Arab Emirates has an enduring legacy that stretches back many decades. As a leading investment company, our work touches all spheres of the UAE, as we strive to change the outlook of the country.

World Investments has tied up with numerous local and international corporations to develop sustainable projects in the region. Likewise, our commitment to social causes has elevated our status as a leading investment company in UAE. Moreover, World Investments is recipient of the prestigious Dubai Service Excellence Scheme award as a consequence of outstanding customer service.

Below is a brief a overview of the company:

  • Located in Dubai , we have been spearheading the country’s investment markets – providing corporates services, investment management, brokerage services, and all types of securities traded in the capital markets of the United Arab Emirates.

  • We are licensed by Dubai Department of Economic Development and the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority under No. (604092) and the Ministry of Economy under No. (342). World Investments is also affiliated with ADX and DFM.

  • World Investments P.S.C provides an integrated platform for investors to implement strategies that suit their investment and financial requirements as well as diversifying their portfolio on the long and short term.

  • We facilitate investors worldwide who trade in stock – whether new or seasoned individuals.

  • Consequently, any investors looking to build modern, diversified – long or short-term financial transactions, we offer a comprehensive wealth management advisory service, a sophisticated trading capability, and a wide range of asset management products.

  • What really sets us apart is our drive to serve a diverse customer base. To that end, our team members are fluent in many languages; such as English, Arabic, French, German, Hindi etc.

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