Vision. Mission. Values

Our Vision

Different People. One Vision

Our vision is to provide all viable options to potential investors; and offer support when making a trade in the stock market. As a leading investment company in UAE, World Investments endorses the idea of growth, and to that end we liaise with our clients, shareholders and the community as a whole to grow and evolve. World Investments is the only financial organization with a legacy stretching over 4 decades.

World Investments is a place where people from different backgrounds converge to produce powerful and sustainable outcomes. For instance, we have people coming all the way from North and West Africa to South East Asia. Hence, we have a vision that is made up of eclectic ideas, and philosophies.

Our Mission

Forging Ahead

As a leading investment company in UAE, we strive to uphold the principles of transparency, fair practice and innovation. Moreover, we aim to bring disruptive technology in the GCC investment market and change the outlook of people on investment and brokerage firms.

World Investments understands that financial stability is one of the pre-requisites to economic development in the region. To that end, we are constantly evolving our processes to lend world class investment and brokerage solutions to our clientele. But, most importantly, we focus on reducing the carbon footpring by engaging in sustainable investments.

Our Values


C: Credible: We pride ourselves on providing credible, accurate and up to date information.

O: Organized: Our team is organized and fully prepared to take on difficult challenges.

M: Moral: Our moral compass guides us in our pursuit of excellence and constant improvement.

M: Measurable: All of our efforts are measurable against the best industry standard benchmarks.

I: Integrity: We uphold the principles of integrity and respect in all of our dealings.

T: Teamwork: We believe in working as a team with our partners and clients to bring out the best in one another.

T: Trust: We aspire to create a mutual feeling of trust and compassion with our stakeholders.

E: Ethical: We strive to remain ethical and non-discriminatory in our business practices.

D: Dedicated: We are passionate about what we do – and are hence, dedicated to provide top tier services.

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