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    The challenge for development partners providing blended finance instruments is to implement them strategically and selectively. This requires, to begin with, a shared understanding of exactly which forms of capital constitute a blended finance instrument.

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    Infrastructure is crucially important to foster a countries’ economic development and prosperity. Investments in infrastructure contributes to higher productivity and growth, facilitates trade and connectivityAn attractive option to help deliver a prosperous and sustainable economy.

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    Investing in the health system not only saves lives, it is also a crucial investment in the wider economy.investment in healthcare that addresses the needs of the and future opportunities, provides the best service for investors and enables sustainable public-private models.

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    Technology is now core to pretty much every business, an investment in new technology can result in reduced costs and improved profitability.

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    Savings, investments and other financial products are essential for long-term economic growth and development. Whether running a household or a corporation, people need access to reliable, affordable financial services and these are what the global financial system should provide.

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    Many reasons to invest in energy and all its related sectors and companies.Energy is always in demand.investing in energy gives you opportunities to shape the future while earning income.

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    Investment in education is one of the most important factors of the development for any country. Investment in education is a necessary investment that certifies higher productivity in the economy.Investing in education is investing in society’s infrastructure

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    Humanity Relief

    Our field experience in working with local partners to design and deliver programs directly to people in need greatly reduces the risk of wasted funds. By working together, we can help people around the world lead more prosperous, sustainable and healthier lives.

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    Food Security

    We know that it will eventually retreat, but we don’t know how fast this will happen. We also know that this shock is somewhat unusual as it affects significant elements of both food supply and demand.

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    Urban Development

    Investment funds dedicated to ground-up urban development are a relatively recent asset class that is experiencing significant growth. Aiming to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for its investors, these funds use innovative structures of investment and development to intermediate between global capital sources and local urban development projects.

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    Rural Development

    Rural Development is committed to helping improve the economy and quality of life.investment in Rural Development that addresses the needs of the and future opportunities, provides the best service for investors and enables sustainable public-private models.

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    The fintech sector has grown considerably in recent years as more private equity and fintech investors enter the space. Companies continue to innovate in finance, the financial industry, fintech trends and, ultimately, capital markets.

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    Financial Institutions

    Financial institutions are one of the most important components of any country'sfinancial system. They play a vital role in determining the effectiveness and efficiency of the financial system , And comes in the importance of financial institutions in that they provide the economy services.

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    Financial Markets

    we understand Financial markets play a vital role in facilitating the smooth operation of capitalist economies by allocating resources and creating liquidity for businesses and entrepreneurs.Financial markets create securities products that provide a return for those who have excess funds (Investors/lenders) and make these funds available to those who need additional money (borrowers).

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    Alternative Energy

    For those seeking investments in green or renewable energy, several mutual funds exist.Many of these funds are considered specialty mutual funds, and so carry higher than average expense ratios and loads.Each fund goes about its investment strategy in different ways, and offers various levels of diversification versus focus on alternative energy investments.

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    Our field experience in working with local partners to design and deliver programs directly to people in need greatly reduces the risk of wasted funds. By working together, we can help people around the world lead more prosperous, sustainable and healthier lives.

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    Agriculture is one of the oldest industries in the world, so it is not a big surprise that there are a number of different ways to approach investing in it.

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    live stock

    Real wealth, real impact.This is a real, tangible investment,investing in living, breathing livestock and growing crops, not invisible shares. These types of assets are always in demand.

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    world investments offers a range of solutions for institutions, financial professionals and individuals in United Arab Of Emirates. We support sustainable business practices and active management of environment, social and governance issues to enhance the benefits mining can bring to society and local communities.

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    Oil & Gas

    let's breakdown the ways you can actually invest in oil and gas .Let’s look at the oil & gas types of Direct Participation Programs you can be involved in.there are different ways to invest in oil and gas With many investment options, there are no minimums on the investment size.

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    Creating Aviation investments funds that have a combination of high assets and low expenses, compared to similar funds investing in the airline industry. But before investing in funds that concentrate on one sector, it’s important to understand how these sector funds work.it's wise to include in your portfolio funds that invest in broader areas of the market.

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    When people look at investing, they may focus on industrial investing in specific sectors because they believe these sectors will help them reach their financial goals. , some sectors may typically be less volatile, which would appeal to investors who are focused on predictability and capital preservation. Meanwhile, other sectors that have more growth prospects and higher volatility may appeal to investors with a higher risk tolerance. Our team members have solid and diversified experience of investing, board work and creating value in many different sectors, as well as of providing advice and consultancy services supporting all investment activities.

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    Jobs creation

    Investing in human capital development in particular, will play a key role in getting people into jobs, combating poverty and social exclusion and creating the workforce of tomorrow. This will be done by supporting workers, job seekers, and in particular those outside the labour market.we helps people get the right skills for the right job by improving the quality of and access to education from early childhood to later life.

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    Micro Finance

    providing development finance for private sector projects and having a positive impact in the countries where they invest, is guided by three success criteria additionality, catalytic effect, and project sustainability. Investing in underserved geographies sectors, and segments by taking a long-run approach . Mobilising other investors by sharing risk, being first-movers demonstrating to other investors how to invest in high risk projects, and by sharing expertise. Helping build sustainable sources of jobs and tax income by investing in financially selfsustainable projects, and by applying responsible business standards for environmental,social and governance concerns.

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    Factoring investment is a financial transaction where accounts receivable (the value of payments owed to the company) are purchased at a discount in exchange for the future stream of payments.Factoring is a method used by some firms to obtain cash. Certain companies factor accounts when the available cash balance held by the firm is insufficient to meet current obligations and accommodate its other cash needs, such as new orders or contracts; in other industries.

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    Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

    Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) all and medium-sized enterprises can play a key role in the growth and development of countries or in other words “entrepreneurship is the main vehicle of economic development.invest with particular emphasis on identifying innovative business models that can generate financial and social returns.

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    Startup Investing

    A few people get together and come up with an innovative solution to a common problem. They test out their new solution, iterate a little, and find something that works .Our team sources early stage investment opportunities through direct relationships, referrals from our investor members and founders, as well as connections to top startup.

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    We combine a value-oriented, bottom-up-driven investment strategy and a global top-down allocation that seeks diversified exposure to all major asset classes with an overweighting to property markets that we believe offer the best relative valuation.

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    Distressed assets

    Distressed assets can generate massive returns in relatively short periods of time, and they can lose a great deal of money just as quickly. What kind of investments can produce such diverse returns? The answer is simple: The greater the level of risk you assume, the higher the potential return “distressed asset” encompasses many types of tangible and intangible assets and rights. The primary characteristic of distressed assets is that they are owned or issued by an entity that is in, or is perceived to be in, financial difficulty.

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    Economical Empowerment

    What happens when you create financial identities and make them available for financial decisioning?the opportunity to bring billions of people into the formal economy and on the path to financial health.We build investment products that can do more than grow your money.There is a wide range of products available to investors looking for dedicated sustainable investment solutions.

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    Environmental preservation

    The growing number of impact investors in environmental preservation sector is filling a gap left by traditional investors. Investing in fund generation and delivery, identifying when it might be an appropriate tool. The lessons learnt from the case studies provide guidance on best practice and an insight into the conditions for the sustainability and success of the funds, and thereby their value to conservation.

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    social development

    The field of social development is now beginning to gather momentum, with significant investment from across the social economy, governments and business. social development sector is moving faster, changing the investment focus, investing bigger and taking a greater risk to make a lasting difference in communities and the environment, while making a profit.

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