Mr. Yoro Mohamed Diallo

  Treasurer & Account Officer in Charge of Citibank’s Financial Institutions in Dakar  1982 – 1983 Vice President Citibank, New York  1983 – 1991 Vice President Citibank Private Bank, Geneva  1991 – 1996 Managing Director Sahara Financial Management Services  1995 – Till Now Tanexco Chief Financial Officer  2001 – Till Now Regional Director of Ecobank for Middle East, North Africa…

Dr. Husain Yousuf Ali Ghanayem

  Lecturer & Head of Legal Affairs, High Commercial Institute, Kuwait  1978 – 1982 Published books on law that are adopted as text books in UAE and Kuwait University respectfully 1981 – 2016 Professor of Law, UAE University  1982 – 1996 Legal Advisor and Head of Legal Office; Ministry of Economy & Commerce, UAE  1996 – 2006 Legal Advisor of…

Dr. Mohamed B. Kharrubi

  Board Member, Ely Lilly Foundation, Indianapolis, IN, USA. 1988 – 1992 Executive Trainer and Life Coach, Prudential Real Estate, and Relocation, USA  1990 – 1994 Assistant to the Deputy Director, Colo Dept. of Corrections, Colorado Springs, CO, USA. 1990 – 1999 Executive Director of the Institute of Multi-Cultural Studies, University of Denver, Colo, USA. 1996 – 1999 Member of…

Dr. Abdulla Ghith Ahmed Alsuwaidi

  Deputy Director of the Excellent Financial Services company  2005 – 2010 Financial and strategic advisor – Noor Capital 2011 – Till Now Member of the Board of Directors of the Commercial International Bank (CBI)  2011 – Till Now Head of the Institutional Performance Measurement Department within the Strategic Planning Sector, Abu Dhabi Municipality  2011 – 2015 Financial and strategic…

Dr. Gaith Bin Hamel Al Qubaisi

  Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Ghaith Holding Company (private shareholding) 2002 – Till Now Member of the Board of Directors of Al Ain National Insurance Company 2003 – Till Now Member of the Board of Directors of the National Marine Dredging Company 2003 – 2006 Member of the National Consultative Council of Abu Dhabi 2004 –…

Hamad Harith AlMidfa

Hamad Harith AlMidfa

Board Member

  Assistant General Manager; National Bank of Sharjah 1982 – 1995 Board Member of Agricultural Trading & Development Co. Ltd 1995 – 1997 Director General – Airport Free Zone Authority 1997 – 2000 Board Member of UAE Football Association 1999 – 2009 Director General – Economic Authority 2000 – 2001 Director General – Control Authority 2001 – 2005 Elected Member…

Omran Rashed Abdulla Rashed Al Nuaimi

  Founder and CEO of Liberal Lawyers and Legal Consultants 2007 – Till Now Founder and Vice Chairman of the Blockchain Association for Artificial Intelligence 2023 – Till Now Founder and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Tahseel Company (LLC) 2013 – 2017 Member of the Association of Emirates Safer Internet Society 2019 – Till Now

Zayed Bin Aweidha

Zayed Bin Aweidha

Managing Director

A visionary whose influence has been far-reaching and undeniable in the UAE financial markets.

Sheikh Dr.Majid bin Saeed Al Nuaimi

The driving force behind UAE’s rapid growth in the world.

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