H.E. Sheikh Zayed bin Aweidha

Brief info
Descendant of Bin Aweidha Family which played prominent role in founding UAE Politically and Economically, As Distinguished economist he became one of the top corporate turnover specialist and the most influential player in the history of UAE financial markets.

Key Achievements:

President of Abu Dhabi Gas Company 1999 – Till Now

CEO of Bin Aweidha Holding Group 1999 – Till Now

Board Member of the Commercial Bank International (CBI) 1993 – 2005

Managing Director Market Makers Financial Advisory 2014 – Till Now

Development Director of Al Dhafra Printing and Publishing (1991-1992)

Director – General of Al Wahdah newspaper & Assistant Chairman of Bin Awaidah Group(1993-1996)

President of Emirates Publishing and Distribution Company (1999 – Until Now)

Chairman of Board of Directors of Al Wahdah Newspaper(1999- till Now)

Chairman of Transformation Committee of International Commercial Bank to the Islamic System (2003 – 2004)

President of International Builders for Engineering Consultancy (1999 – Until Now)

Chief Executive of Bin Aweidha Corporation Holding Group (2003 – Until Now)

Managing Director of Market Makers Financial Advisory 2014 – Till Now

Membership of Heads of Gulf Newspapers Conference (1999 – 2003)

Founding member of the Industrialists Association since 2001

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