World Investments Awarded Dubai Service Excellence Scheme

As part of an on-going effort to raise the customer service standards, the Department of Economic Development has initiated the establishment of the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme (DSES) in the Year 2002.Which aimed at promoting excellence in customer service standard in private sector and recognize businesses that offer excellent service for their customers.

The DSES is designed to gain customer’s confidence and to make the experience of “Shopping in Dubai” a pleasurable one. This scheme binds all participating businesses to a common code of business ethics and core criteria for customer service excellence.

As a first service quality stamp of its kind in the region the scheme is designed to complement Dubai Quality Award and Dubai Quality Appreciation Programme. This scheme is suited to all businesses, especially businesses from the service sector where customer service is the single most differentiating factor between the business competitors.

The scheme shall emphasise the importance of a conducive, clean, orderly and well-maintained business environment. The ability to provide excellent customer service is largely dependent upon the attitude, knowledge and competence of frontline and back-office staff, which in turn is dependent upon their skills and commitment to training and development.

Objectives of DSES

  • To ensure customer’s confidence through high ethical behaviors .
  • To assist businesses through identify areas for improvement in customer service.
  • To introduce best management practices & to enhance productivity and business efficiency.
  • To encourage, recognise, reward and unite businesses that support Dubai’s drive for quality.
  • To promote businesses that strive for an ever-increasing quality standard in customer service.
  • ​To secure a high reputation for Dubai at both national and international levels.

The Dubai Service Excellence Scheme is membership based, where members comply with the code of business ethics and satisfy the criteria for customer service excellence.

It is intended & also expected that DSES membership becomes a valuable and prestigious honor for members upon consistently upholding better customer service standards at their business premises.

It  is a proud moment and a feather in the cap for all of us at world investments, as we’ve has received The Dubai Service Excellence Scheme award , under the prestigious Dubai Service Excellence Scheme. We take this opportunity to thank all our stakeholders,thank all our team and will strive to delight our customers even more and more.

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