Fund Services

Your Financial Wellbeing Guaranteed

Fund services are tailored for individuals and corporations looking to scale up their business while meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow. Our fund services open doors for you to seize opportunities and look beyond. With a wealth of experience, World Investments is your stepping stone to a bright future.

When you first come and talk to one of our team members, you will be pleasantly assured by the industry knowledge our people possess. From Net Asset Value and fund structuring to investor solutions and portfolio management; we got you covered in all departments.

Our clients testify to their financial success by working with us; and have thus become our ambassadors. What underpins our philosophy is that we ardently study our clients and find them solutions accordingly. Simply put, at World Investments, you come first. Here are our fund services at a glance:

  • Availability of ample cash based on your preferences and risk tolerance.
  • You have the option to invest over a long time horizon, so as to avoid losses in frequent trading.
  • We take the complexities out of the entire process, and make it simple and hassle-free.
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