Corporate Social Responsibility

Heading Towards Success

The current pandemic has caused insurmountable damage to societies in general, and it will take some time for everything to return to normal. In these difficult times, we are more committed than ever to serving social causes and making a difference in society.
Our company has many plans aimed at developing a healthcare center with international standards, a business incubator center to provide guidance and initial capital for entrepreneurs and many emerging technology companies to bring the UAE into the digital age, in addition to many other projects under implementation, all of which aim to achieve Prosperity in the region.

Vision 2024

Our vision is for the UAE to become one of the shining examples of corporate social responsibility worldwide. Therefore, the main principles of this goal include raising awareness about the responsibility that each of us has towards society.
We are in constant contact with all relevant private and public entities to create a specific framework to identify community investment opportunities.
World Investments aims to empower individuals, by creating many opportunities within the UAE, so they do not have to go anywhere else.

We Invest Responsibly

As the leading investment company in the UAE, a sense of responsibility towards society drives and guides our company. We have shaped the region’s economy by showing special attention to the underserved sectors. To give back to the community, World Investments seeks to access untapped opportunities that benefit both parties in the long term.

Forming Communities

The leadership at World Investments agrees with leveraging people and their ideas. We place particular emphasis on the environmental, technology, and social sectors when making investment decisions.
At the core of this philosophy, we take sensible measures to ensure the sustainability of our investments. Our long-term goals include building an ecosystem in the region that enhances confidence and creativity and sparks new ideas.
World Investments creates new and exciting opportunities, enabling investors to meet communities, and paving the way to a prosperous future.

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