Margin Trading

Margin Trading

Margin trading paves the way for you to achieve your investment ambitions, by providing a range of opportunities based on our knowledge and vision of the market. It also provides you with the resources necessary to purchase larger quantities of shares at any time you can, and our employees open many channels for you to trade smoothly and effectively. The company finances you to buy securities listed in the market that are agreed upon with our company, provided that the financing is at a secured percentage of the market value of the securities. In the margin trading process, you can double your capital and achieve more profits, as our company practices trading in the UAE markets. Local for over a decade and our reputation continues to grow.

Once you have determined your minimum profit margin, you will be able to control the way you want to invest your money, and you will be able to trade a group of stocks, if you do not meet the initial profit margin that you specified, you will have the opportunity to deposit either cash amounts or collateral to recover. Your profit margin.

Here are some key features of margin trading:

  • Investors increase the profit margin to increase returns.
  • Increase transaction flexibility to drive market opportunities.
  • Live monitoring of financial markets and their indicators.


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