Mobile Trading



Trade On The Go

Effectively manage your files and execute multiple transactions conveniently using your smartphone. Smartphones become indispensable tools for trading when you’re away from your computer, allowing you to capitalize on market opportunities on the move. Stay updated with market developments and benefit from financial expert support right at your fingertips.

World Investments offers its comprehensive program, Zag Trader, specifically designed to function seamlessly on all types of smartphones. This program enables you to engage with local brokers, conduct risk analyses, and fully participate in mobile trading. Here are the key aspects of mobile trading with World Investments:

  1. You can make trades through your phone, and the process gives you easier access to manage your portfolio actively and without any restrictions.
  2. One of our experts will always be by your side and provide you with various forms of support when you encounter any obstacle.
  3. Through online trading, you can execute your trades in the blink of an eye, without the need to communicate or meet with brokers.
  4. Through the Zag Trader application, you can start new trades and enter the market at your convenience (from home, your workplace, or anywhere else).
  5. The Zag Trader application also provides an easy and simple interface that makes trading smooth and attractive for everyone.
  6. We are always by your side to support you in your transactions and to reassure you through one of our financial intermediaries.


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