Zayed bin Rashid bin Aweidha, the chairman of the Abu Dhabi Investment Group based in the United Arab Emirates, confirmed that political and economic cooperation between Turkey and the Gulf countries is progressing rapidly. In the coming period, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Qatar will invest more than $100 billion in Turkey.
The largest companies from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates will invest hundreds of billions of dollars in Turkey.

The Turkish economy is one of the leading economies and is the largest in the Middle East. After cooperating with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, all Gulf countries turned to invest in Turkey. Hundreds of billions of dollars from the Gulf countries will flow into investments in Turkey in the coming weeks. Qatar and the United Arab Emirates will make this investment under the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The investment may be made to prevent the rise in exchange rates, and the negative effects resulting from this can also be remedied through these investments.
Mr. Zayed bin Rashid bin Aweidha is known in the Middle East as a person with a keen vision who has managed to change the image of the United Arab Emirates. His legacy is expected to have an impact on Turkey in the near future.

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