Many of us know that most institutions and individuals have been financially harmed as a result of the coronavirus crisis that has affected all countries and hindered the world economy, whether they are company owners, employees, or people looking for work, but on the other hand, this crisis was a scenario from which large investors benefited as a result of the investments they made. By purchasing shares, or placing their money in investment portfolios and trading them in the UAE stock market. Before you invest your money, you must invest some time in learning the basics and understanding the risks.

The long-term investment process may achieve financial security for investors and is less risky than others. It may give the investor the ability to increase his capital and continue to grow his wealth if unprecedented market conditions arise. This type of investment can achieve large gains because the size of The projects invested here is often large.
But when starting with it, let us talk here about strategic methods that have a large scope and various benefits during crises, and there are four strategies for this type of investment:

1- The Ability to Understand Investment Risks

When undertaking any investment work, the investor should not pay attention to rumors be very careful, and make sure to know and evaluate the risks behind investing in various assets before purchasing them. Perhaps you may hear news from your relatives or colleagues at work about an increase in the price of shares in the market within one of the companies, so do not pay attention to this. Rumors, and you must study the company’s situation and position in the market before investing your money in it and before taking any step, and the ability to bear risks or the extent of risk that can be tolerated, as this helps you face the consequences that you may face.

2- Be Patient While Investing

You must be patient, as in reality most people do not have the patience to keep their shares for long decades without selling them, and the majority also do not have the experience in finding suitable shares and finding companies with high experience, and your task here first is to be careful when choosing the best investment companies to buy shares. In it, because these companies may have a high market value and enjoy greater stability, whether the investment is mutual funds, real estate investments, or financial stocks, the key to your success is patience.

For example, billionaire Warren Buffett was one of the most important investors in the world. He was considered one of the most successful investors who followed the long-term investment approach. In addition, he only invested in areas in which he understood, and he preferred to buy shares of traditional companies such as insurance companies and banks. He has the skill to buy stocks when they fall.

3- Keep the Shares for as Long as Possible

It is preferable to buy and keep stocks with appropriate prices for as long as possible, until something fundamental changes in the company, rather than keeping them forever. Such a strategy requires more work and good knowledge of the market, in addition to the ability to predict risks and monitor the psychological and economic trends of the market. The investor here must wait until stock prices rise in the financial market, and once they rise, he must buy and sell immediately when they fall.

4- Diversify Your Investment & Manage Your Money Wisely

New investors are advised to manage their money and diversify their investment portfolios, across a variety of assets and enhance the odds of winning during the long investment period, and many prefer to enter into long-term investments instead of keeping them in banks.
One of the main things that helps in the success of any investment business is that investors know how to manage their cash flow, and in this case, they should not pool their funds with investment funds.
Therefore, the basic condition is that you allocate your investment money into different portfolios for a long period and that you develop investment plans and a comprehensive study with which to start your project so that you can work on many things and achieve many profits through them.

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