World Investments received the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme (DSES) award in 2002, aimed at enhancing excellence in customer service levels in the private sector and recognizing companies that provide excellent service to their customers.
The Dubai Service Excellence Scheme is designed to gain customer trust and make the “shopping experience in Dubai” a pleasurable one. This program connects all participating companies with a unified charter of business ethics and core standards for excellence in customer service.
As the first seal of its kind for service quality in the region, the program was designed to integrate with the Dubai Quality Award and the Dubai Quality Appreciation Programme. This program is suitable for all companies, especially those from the service sector where customer service represents the most significant factor capable of demonstrating differentiation among competing companies.
The program emphasizes the importance of having a suitable, clean, organized, and well-maintained work environment. The ability to provide excellent customer service largely depends on the behavior, knowledge, and efficiency of frontline employees (trading desk) and support offices, which in turn relies on their skills and commitment to training and development.

Objectives of the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme:

  • Ensure customer trust through high ethical behaviors.
  • Assist companies in identifying areas for improvement in customer service.
  • Present best management practices and enhance the productivity and efficiency of companies.
  • Encourage companies that support Dubai’s journey towards quality, recognize, reward, and unify them.
  • Support companies striving to continuously achieve increasing standards of quality in customer service. Secure a prestigious reputation for Dubai both nationally and internationally.

Membership in the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme is based on a commitment to business ethics rules and meeting customer service excellence standards.
Also, membership in the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme is expected to become a great and solemn honor for members adhering to standards.

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